Peace & Justice Conversations: Stories From a Lifetime of Activism

Start: Monday, August 02, 2021 7:00 PM

Please join us for an evening conversation with lifetime activist John Lamperti.

For most of my professional life I taught mathematics at Dartmouth College. In the late 1960s the Vietnam war became a major distraction, and I did what I could to fight against it.  I had (mostly) mathematical sabbaticals in the USSR (1970) and in Denmark (1972-73); apart from those and while still teaching I worked with the AFSC and with PSR on the war and also on nuclear arms race issues.  

Then in 1985 I hitchhiked on an AFSC trip to Central America, and that’s been a major focus ever since. I spent half of 1990 in Nicaragua trying to make myself useful, observed several post-civil war elections in El Salvador and learned a lot about that country, and I’ve written many things hoping to bring their reality home to us (North) Americans.  I spent 10 years (off and on) writing a biography of a fine man I learned about: Enrique Alvarez Cordova: Life of a Salvadoran Revolutionary and Gentleman.

And of course I've been a more or less active member of Peace Action since it was founded as the Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE) so many years ago.

About NHPA’s bi-weekly Zoom Peace & Justice Conversation Series: 2020's upheavals brought us to a new moment of reckoning and possibility. How do we want to live in the world? What do we value? How can we make the changes we’ve been yearning for? NH Peace Action has been engaged in working for change for decades. We’d like to bring you into these conversations about issues and options for the future. Join us!

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