People vs Polluters Chicago

Start: Friday, March 20, 202012:00 PM

End: Friday, March 20, 2020 1:30 PM

We believe that the fossil fuel industry has too much influence on our banks, universities, governments, and negotiations. As long as the fossil fuel industry continues to have influence, change will not come. We are asking for you to join us by conducting a strike at the Chicago Federal Center Plaza. Bring a sign and bring a friend!

According to the US Energy Information Administration, Illinois is the fifth-largest energy-consuming state in the nation, and its industrial sector, which includes petroleum refining and coal mining, uses the most energy of any end-use sector in the state. Illinois ranks fourth in the nation in crude oil refining capacity and leads the Midwest with a refining capacity of nearly 1 million barrels per calendar day. The estimated coal reserves in Illinois are the second-largest after Montana, and the state's coal mines account for 6% of U.S. coal production. Illinois has the third-largest ethanol production capacity (1.9 billion gallons) and the fourth-largest biodiesel fuel production capacity (184 million gallons).

Illinois is incredibly affected by climate change. Chicago is the 19th most polluted city in America according to the American Lung Association. States At Risk reports that more than 310,000 people living in Illinois are especially vulnerable to extreme heat. It also reports that by 2050, Illinois is expected to see a 40 percent increase in the severity of its droughts. There are more than 380,000 people living in Illinois at risk of inland flooding. Climate change is currently affecting a grand amount of residents in Illinois and it must be stopped by stopping investment in the fossil fuel industry.