People's Climate Movement Sister March - San Jose, CA

Start: Saturday, April 29, 201710:00 AM


Just before the 100th day of the new administration, on Saturday, April 29th, the People’s Climate Movement is coming together in marches across the US to protest this administration's climate agenda and demand progress in protecting our environment and our future.

Join the People’s Climate March this April 29th in San Jose, CA and across the country to stand up for our climate, which is to stand up for our jobs, our health, our communities.

Marchers will convene at San Jose City Hall at 10 am and walk 0.7 miles to Cesar Chavez Plaza.

Contact Patty Kamysz ( for more information.

10 am:   Assemble at San Jose City Hall for introduction and kickoff

10:20 am:   Begin walk following "rules of road" along Fourth St. to Paseo de San Antonio to Cesar Chavez Plaza. Rules of Road means we will march along the sidewalks and obey traffic signals! Please follow the directions of traffic marshals at intersections and other areas as they are there to help you cross at traffic signals and light rail tracks.

11:15 am First group of marchers arrive at Plaza and assemble toward the northwest end

11:30 am: Begin rally; music and intros


Patrick Brown, Post Doctoral Research Scientist, Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford University
Linda Hutchins-Knowles, Stacy Levy, Mothers Out Front
California State Assemblymember Ash Kalra (D-San Jose)
Cheryl McGovern, Retired from USEPA (36 years of service), Santa Clara County Green Party
Steve Hams, Citizens Climate Lobby

12:45 to 1 pm:   Wrap up.

1 pm: Optional -- head for lunch with some of your fellow marchers to one of many downtown eateries. Phone ahead to make reservations if you can.
Near the Plaza: Original Joe's, Arcadia, Il Fornaio, Scott's Seafood, Grill on the Alley,  McCormick and Schmicks, Johnny Rockets, Gordon Bierch, Nemea Tavern, Loft Bistro, Cafe Stritch, Mezcal, Back A Yard, Mosaic
Near San Pedro Square: Olla Cocina, Farmers Union, Spaghetti Factory, San Pedro Square Market, Firehouse Bistro, Wagon Wheel

Getting there  
Please take lightrail  or carpool in a full car. (or both: Carpool to a lightrail station outside of the city!) Sign up here for a carpool:

Strongly suggested: Create a Poster!
Create a cool sign to carry expressing how you feel. Some PCM branded templates are here but feel free to create you own pithy (or witty) sign!  Like: It's getting hot in here, so take off all your coals! Or: Climate Change is Serious. Please note that the materials cannot be something that could cause injury to others.


There is no denying it: The Trump administration is a threat to the future of our planet, the safety of our communities, and the health of our families.

This administration is attacking the hard-won protections of our climate, health, and communities, and the rights of people of color, workers, indigenous people, immigrants, women, LGBTQIA, young people, and more.

If the policies he proposed on the campaign trail are implemented, they will destroy our climate, decimate our jobs and livelihoods, and undermine the civil rights and liberties won in many hard fought battles.

It’s up to us to stop that from happening before it starts.

Our fights are tied together, and we will only succeed together. That’s why, from now through the first 100 days and beyond, we are taking action and standing up for everything and everyone we love — and we are calling on everyone to join us on April 29th; for a massive march to bring our demands to the streets of Washington, D.C.

We’re ready to fight back, and we are ready to build a resistance to Trump and Congress’ attacks on our climate, our communities, and our jobs that stands alongside the unprecedented Women’s Marches and other powerful rallies that shook the globe in the hours and days following the inauguration of Donald Trump and the 115th Congress.

On April 29th, we will march for our families. We will march for our air, our water, and our land. We will march for clean energy jobs and climate justice. We will march for our communities and the people we love.

In 2014, we said that it takes everyone to change everything. Now, with everything at stake, everyone has a part to play.


The People’s Climate Movement is a project of dozens of organizations working together to solve the climate crisis. This work is guided by a steering committee of 25 organizations, and supported by hundreds of other partner organizations.

On September 21, 2014 the People’s Climate Movement organized the historic People’s Climate March on the eve of the UN Climate Summit. As heads of state from around the world gathered, 400,000 people from every walk of life marched through the streets of New York City demanding bold and urgent action of the global climate crisis.

That march — and the months of organizing that lead up to it — helped to re-boot the climate movement in this country, and laid the foundation for the growth of the People’s Climate Movement.

The months of organizing and the day itself helped to re-boot the climate movement in this country. We made visible the depth and breadth of concern about the climate crisis and the role the U.S. must play in meeting that crisis. We gave life to our understanding that our fight is a struggle for justice: securing climate justice means a commitment to the fights for economic and racial justice.

That march laid the foundation for the growth of the People’s Climate Movement.

In 2015 the People’s Climate Movement focused its collective energy on strengthening the climate justice movement at the local level. That October we organized 200 actions in 48 locations mostly led by front-line communities, unions, faith groups, youth, and people of color organizations. These actions highlighted the on-the-ground realities in their cities, and tied those struggles to the national movement.

In 2016 the People’s Climate Movement’s work shifted again as we began to focus on the fall elections. Our first step was the development of our Platform – a document that articulates our understanding of the climate crisis and what it will take to build a movement strong enough to meet the challenges ahead.

In the context of the Trump Administration’s climate change denying and a Congress controlled by the right-wing it is clear we all must both protect the gains made in recent years, even if those have been limited gains, while we articulate and demand initiatives to move our nation to a new, clean energy economy.

This is a moment to bring the range of progressive social change movements together. Pushing back against the Trump agenda and at the same time pushing forward on our vision of a clean, safe world where the rights of all people are protected and expanded means we all must work together.

Join us on and march on April 29th as we resist, build, and rise in the face of the threats to our communities.

LEGAL NOTE: Joining this march is entirely voluntary and participants signing up for this activity fully understand the risks associated with the activity. It is each marcher's responsibility to ensure that s/he is in sufficient fitness and health to participate in this march and be prepared with the appropriate water, food, clothing, and first aid. March organizers make no warranties about the quality, safety, or supervision of these activities. By signing up for this event, you are accepting all the rules of this march.