People's Party Florida at Pride Fort Lauderdale Festival

Start: Saturday, November 20, 202111:00 AM

End: Sunday, November 21, 2021 6:00 PM

two opportunities on SATURDAY

2021 Pride Parade on GAY1a: Join us SATURDAY, November 20th from 11am-1pm along the beautiful beaches of Fort Lauderdale for the 2-hour Pride parade where they will announce the Florida People's Party as we pass by the announcer. The parade leads right to the festival.

TABLING FOR PEOPLE'S PARTY: SATURDAY, November 20th from Noon until Dusk. With over 150 vendors, 3-stages, A-List talent and 125,000 LGBTQ+ attendees, we'll have a great opportunity to share information about #newparty! If we get enough people to help we can work in shifts to that all can enjoy the festivities.

Then on Sunday

TABLING FOR THE PEOPLE'S PARTY: On SUNDAY, November 21st we'll be back at our booth from Noon until Dusk to finish getting folks signed up as Electors of the Florida People's Party, Collect Donations and Sign the RCV petition.


Some of our volunteers are coming as far away as Orlando and West Palm. They have spent a lot of energy coordinating, but they need your participation to make the event a success, please join them.