Prep Session for the Public Hearing Mar 2 at 6:30pm

Start: 2021-03-02 18:30:00 UTC Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada) (GMT-05:00)

End: 2021-03-02 20:00:00 UTC Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada) (GMT-05:00)

This is a virtual event

On March 10, 2021 at 6pm, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation is hosting a public hearing on whether or not to issue National Grid a permit for liquefied and compressed fracked gas infrastructure at 287 Maspeth Ave, adjacent to a residential neighborhood, the apex of the fiercely opposed North Brooklyn Pipeline, and on the shores of the Newtown Creek, a superfund site that the local community has been working for years to bioremediate.

We know this project is totally unjust, illegal, and is charging all of us undemocratically to PAY for it! It's important we all register to show up! But first, let's get organized. We are hosting a prep session to get us registered and prepared to defend our community using carefully researched legal arguments that will give the DEC reasons to DENY National Grid's permit.

So, what Is a Permit Hearing? A permit hearing offers the public an opportunity to participate in the DEC project review. This document gives an overview of the DEC permit hearing process.

Whether it's your 1st time or 40th time attending a public hearing, preparing for it is important. Join in this prep session to review the facts, refamiliarize yourself with the issue at hand, and establish key arguments to make your public comment as strong and persuasive as can be.

What we'll cover:

  • Short review:

    1. What is the NBK pipeline and LNG facility

    2. What is National Grid applying to the DEC to do

    3. Why we oppose

  • What is a public hearing and how to prepare for this one?

    1. How we achieved a hearing and why it’s important

    2. What to expect at the hearing?

    3. What we want to say at the public hearing

    4. What is our goal for the hearing?

    1. How to get yourself registered and ready

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