Protest: Ted Cruz in Austin! July 6th, 2017

Start: Thursday, July 06, 2017 5:30 PM

End: Thursday, July 06, 2017 7:30 PM

On July 6th, Ted Cruz will be attending what is billed as a "town hall" event hosted by the "Concerned Veterans for America." Despite their claims to be "non-partisan," CVA is a Koch brothers-funded organization that exists almost exclusively to pursue Republican legislation and pour millions of dollars into Republican campaigns in swing states. Its far-right agenda is opposed by virtually every other major veterans group in America.

Tickets (now sold out) were available to the public, but out of respect to people who served in the armed forces, we will not disrupt the event. Instead, we will meet up with other groups outside the venue to hold a protest that communicates these messages:

• We OPPOSE Cruz's efforts to strip healthcare funding from vulnerable Americans by repealing the ACA.

• We OPPOSE Cruz's efforts to make veteran's care a money-making scheme for his wealthy donors by privatizing the Veteran's Administration healthcare program.

• We DEMAND that Cruz also meet with organizations and constituents that don't share his far-right agenda or contribute to his campaigns, like the Vietnam Veterans of America or the Disabled American Veterans.

The event is scheduled from 6PM to 7PM on Thursday, July 6th at the Renaissance Hotel, Arboretum
9721 Arboretum Blvd
Austin 78759

The Renaissance Hotel parking lot is large and open. According to the hotel, parking is free if you are not staying overnight.

Signs are strongly encouraged! Many people are planning to be there until 7:30, but stay as long as you can!

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