Rally In Support of NJ Transit Workers

Start: Saturday, March 05, 201611:00 AM

After five years of working without a contract and receiving hostility from management, our brothers and sisters employed at New Jersey Transit are facing a March 13 deadline for a strike or lockout. This would affect 150,000 people who commute daily on trains and 280,000 who take buses.

NJ Transit has ignored a Presidential Emergency Board recommendation for common sense and modest annual pay increases and better health care.

NJ Transit has also ignored a bipartisan group of Democrats and Republicans across the state’s congressional delegation, which sent a letter urging NJ Transit to seriously consider the board’s recommendations.re coverage. These proposals would cover the next six years.

Instead, NJ Transit wants to impose a significant increase in health care costs that would wipe out any wage increases for its own employees.

They need our support and solidarity now, more than ever. Wear your union colors, show your union pride and take a stand for your brothers and sisters!

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