Rally + Meeting at Sen. Cornyn's Office

Start: Tuesday, May 09, 201711:00 AM

End: Tuesday, May 09, 2017 1:00 PM

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Sen. Cornyn is one of the 13 senators (all male) on the committee poised to write the Senate's version of #TrumpCare. It's time to tell him what we expect!

Join us on Tuesday to let Sen. Cornyn know that we will not stand for any version of #TrumpCare that does the following:

● Removes the requirements to cover ‘essential health benefits’, such as emergency services, maternity care, and hospitalization

● Allows insurance to charge higher premiums for people who are sick or have pre-existing conditions

● Drastically cuts Medicaid

● Reduces cost-sharing and raises premiums for 50-64 year olds into the stratosphere

● Has zero public hearings and zero transparency

● Leads to tens of million of people losing health insurance

● Give a MASSIVE tax break to the 1% while costing nearly everyone else significantly more

Come out on Tuesday so we can let Sen. Cornyn's staffers know why the ACA is so important in our lives and what we expect from him and the Senate bill.

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