Rally to Urge Brad Lander to Fight Climate Change, Not Finance It!

Start: Wednesday, April 10, 202412:00 PM

We'll rally outside Comptroller Lander's office in front of the Municipal Building, which is near City Hall. We'll push him to divest from dirty money managers, such as BlackRock and KKR.

BlackRock is the world's largest investor in oil, gas, coal and rainforest destruction. The New York City pension funds, managed by Comptroller Brad Lander, hand an astonishing $60 billion dollars of city business to BlackRock. The city's pension funds are also heavily invested in KKR, another huge, climate-destroying fund.

Former Mayor de Blasio and Comptroller Stringer divested the city's pension funds from fossil fuels, but Comptroller Lander is refusing to take the next step: leverage the city's power as an enormous client to make the big money managers clean up their dirty acts. He should begin to shift the city''s business from the dirtiest money managers like BlackRock and KKR to cleaner funds.

It's especially important Lander act, because the red state politicians, who are controlled by oil and gas interests and the right wing dark money, have successfully intimidated entities like BlackRock with a "anti-ESG" and "anti-woke campaign". They've divested small sums of their pension funds from BlackRock to send the company a message to keep investing in fossil fuels. And it's working.

We need Comptroller Lander to fight at least as hard for New Yorkers as Republican politicians fight for the oil companies. He's talked a big game for over 2 years, but done nothing to move money under their management. Now it's time for Lander to begin to shift the city's business to cleaner money managers. Join us to raise your voice for climate justice!