#MeToo Gathering with the Sisters of 77

Start: Sunday, November 05, 201710:00 AM

End: Sunday, November 05, 201712:00 PM


It's time for #MeToo voices to be heard. It's time for us to gather and give voice to the injustices of sexual harassment, abuse and violence. Meet us at 10:00 am at Sesquicentennial Park to create space for our selves, our friends and loved ones to be heard. For some of us, we simply need to take personal action. Others of us will want to look at systemic change and systemic actions.

Houston Women March is honored to join with Indivisible, Houston Rising, Black Lives Matter, Pant Suit Republic, Houston Handmaids, and other groups to create a sacred space where truth is told and light illuminates what others prefer to leave in darkness. A special website is being created to hold stories and actions as we take next steps: http://www.metoohouston.com

This gathering builds on the observance of 1977, and continues to honors the girls and women who carried torches in a relay from Seneca Falls, NY, to Houston, Texas, 40 years ago. The original invitation to join us is below:  

Wish you could have carried a torch through the streets of Houston in 1977 with Bella Abzug and Gloria Steinem? Here's the next best thing: Join the Sisters of 77 for a one-mile walk and rally back to where it all started, Sesquicentennial Park in Houston, Texas.
Wear an amazing giant hat in memory of Bella. Wear your boots for Barbara Jordan. Carry a rainbow torch for all our LGBTQIA sisters and brothers who have stepped out since these amazing ladies stepped up in 1977 to speak up for all of us.
As the event grows closer, we'll update you with meeting times and other details. Due to Houston's continued recovery from Hurricane Harvey, the City asks that we conduct this march under 1st Amendment Free Speech rules -- that means our route will be determined by city leaders. We'll keep you updated on where to meet, what to bring (or not bring), all the details.

Register now, spread the word, and let's carry the torch for the next generation!

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Robin Paoli
Houston, Texas
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