Ratification Meeting to Vote on Our Tentative Agreement

Start: Thursday, December 02, 2021 9:00 AM

You made it clear that we were not going to accept 2-tier wages for new hires, that we needed WAGE JUSTICE in the IE, and that we deserved more than 1%.

In response, we joined together like never before, in unity and solidarity, and showed the world that we were willing to do whatever it took, to get a fair contract. Because of your efforts, not only did KP take back their union-busting, 2-tier proposal, we also WON significant wage increases, wage justice in the IE, and much, much more!

Your union leaders are recommending that we vote YES! on this contract. Come to one of the meetings to hear the details and understand why this contract exceeded our expectations.

Please complete the form to let us know you plan to attend this session. Come to the vote with a mask and your employee I.D. so we can verify your membership.

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