Read the Greenfield City Budget

Start: 2021-04-17 17:00:00 UTC Eastern Daylight Time (US & Canada) (GMT-04:00)

End: 2021-04-17 19:00:00 UTC Eastern Daylight Time (US & Canada) (GMT-04:00)

This is a virtual event

On Saturday, April 17, 5-7pm, we'll be preparing together to host our first community teach-in, on the Greenfield city budget. Please join us for a casual group reading of the budget--we'll sort through what's in the FY2021 budget and start raising questions about FY2021 and FY2022 budgets. All are welcome, so if you're interested in how Greenfield allocates resources, please come! Note: This event is only to prepare for a teach-in: the actual teach-in will happen later in the spring.

No preparation necessary! But if you want, here's a link to a guide to resources you might want to read How to Take Back the Budget: A Guide to Reviewing and Changing the Police Budget in Your Community, Community Resource Hub. Very direct and pretty brief--37 pages but not much reading per page.

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