Redding City Hall - Redding, CA

Start: January 21, 201710:00 AM

End: January 21, 201712:00 PM

We are SO excited that you're going to be joining us! This is an informal gathering: we are not planning extensive events, but want to be sure that Redding knows we're here. Please dress for wet weather. We'll have some signs/banners, and encourage you to bring your own and add to our diversity. Please remember that this is a non-partisan event: create your signs with positive language, and hopeful messages. We are excited to be part of the next step in our country's progress toward a more fair, unified, and respectful society!

We will march east on Cypress, at least to the I-5 bridge. Please keep all traffic laws in mind, and do not impede foot, bike, or auto traffic.

A strong showing will indicate - the city and county - that we are a significant part of the north state population. Come out to support each other, to speak out for the north state, and to honor the women who have paved the way for us today!

Event by
Pedro Betancourt
Anderson, California
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