Regis Jesuit Walk-Out for Parkland

Start: Wednesday, March 14, 201810:00 AM

End: Wednesday, March 14, 201810:17 AM

In the wake of the devastating events in Parkland, Florida, many members of the RJHS community are contributing their voices to the growing movement against gun violence. As men and women with and for others, students are encouraged to stand in solidarity with the victims of school shootings and against the lack of action by our govenment to protect safe education. Of course our thoughts and prayers are with the Parkland students who have been so greatly impacted by this tragedy, but these thoughts and prayers are not enough. Prayer should inspire action, and now is the opportunity to act.

In the midst of a polarized political environment, the RJHS community recognizes the controversy surrounding the issues of gun violence. Thus the aim of the Regis Jesuit Walk-Out for Parkland is this: to foster conversation. Students are capable of setting the example of communication for our government leaders. Students are capable of making their voices heard.

Students of all political affiliations agree that gun violence in schools must end.

Join your fellow men and women with and for others by walking out of class at 10:00 on March 14. The walk-out will last for exactly 17 minutes; one minute for each life taken in Parkland. Participants will be gathered outside on the green. Students are also encouraged to wear orange, the color that has been chosen to represent the national movement against gun violence.

Remember, your voice matters.  Our voices matter.