Reject the Coverup: Trump/Pence #OutNow

Start: Wednesday, February 05, 2020 5:30 PM

Reject the Cover Up: Demand Trump/Pence #OutNow

Senate Republicans have blocked witnesses and gutted the rule of law, clearing the way to acquit Trump on February 5

This Cannot Go Down Unopposed!

Urgently Needed: People in the streets refusing to accept this!

In the sham Senate impeachment trial, the message from Senate Republicans and Trump’s defense team is clear. No witnesses, no documents, and no stopping Trump from doing anything he wants, as long as he thinks it’s in the “public interest.” Many of them have even dispensed with denying Trump’s guilt, but say he still should not be removed, essentially declaring that truth is irrelevant and right doesn’t matter. Moreover, Lamar Alexander’s warning that Trump’s removal would “rip the country apart,” in conjunction with the convergence of 22,000 armed “gun-rights” protesters on the Virginia capitol on MLK Day, and 100,000 attending a march to end abortion that was presided over by Trump himself, raises the spectre of Trump’s fascist base which is energized and determined to bring about their vision for the future, even through the threat of violence and civil war.

They have brazenly told us that the normal channels, including the process of impeachment, cannot rein in a president and regime that is slashing through those norms and emerging victorious from every crisis. They have validated Trump to steal the next election. Without a third force, the people in the streets in sustained, non-violent mass protest, a fascist regime will barrel ahead to rule with even more brute force and terror.

Fascism has been unfolding, but it has made a major leap through this sham trial. With Trump’s acquittal on the horizon, the Muslim Ban has been expanded to include six more countries, signaling that the whole fascist program will go forward with even more vengeance and entitlement. Concentration camps on the border… environmental devastation accelerated… war, even nuclear war, threatened… white supremacist rule… fascist mobs and racist mass murderers… truth and science erased… the right to abortion near gone… the rule of law and democratic and civil rights stripped away…All this and more will be accelerated and locked in if Trump is acquitted in a sham trial, and all the more so if this goes down without mass resistance from the people.

Stop being a spectator. Show up now – when it counts!

Trump’s acquittal in a “trial” with no witnesses, no evidence, will be a crime on top of a crime! All over the world people have shown us that hated regimes can be forced out through mass sustained, non-violent protest. It’s time to get serious and get organized to build the kind of determined struggle from below that refuses to stop until the whole fascist Trump/Pence regime is removed from power.


It’s time you – and all the people like you who hate this but are standing aside – come into the streets over the next three days to demand that Trump and Pence be removed NOW! On Monday, senators will make final arguments on the case. Tuesday night, Trump gives his State of the Union speech, in which he will almost certainly take the offensive against those who impeached him. Then on Wednesday, the Senate will vote. At this time, fascist victory in the Senate seems all but certain.

But what people do—what YOU do—in the next few days will matter greatly to the future. It will make a huge difference whether people in their masses continue to sit passively, either absorbing themselves in the elections as a substitute for action or sit on their couches despairing for the future, or whether there is serious protest in the streets saying NO! and declaring determination to fight on, truly resist, and ultimately drive this regime out. It will raise a standard and challenge the tens of millions who do hate this regime but as yet do nothing, and it will give hope to those here and around the world who suffer its grave attacks and terrible injustices.

Event by
Samantha Goldman
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania