Revival: Time for a Moral Revolution of Values-Ft Rev Barber

Start: Monday, May 23, 2016 6:30 PM

End: Monday, May 23, 2016 8:30 PM


We invite you to join a political revolution of values in the south with Rev William Barber founder of the Moral Monday movement in North Carolina. This is an opportunity to lean back into the work we began years ago and acknowledge that we need a mass movement in Georgia that’s bigger than any one organization. This is an opportunity to celebrate and lift up the dynamic work that is happening now as groups press forward on a number of important issues. This is an opportunity to be inspired by each other, to sing together, to smile at one another, to recommit to building the state regular every day Georgians deserve.

Our Mission: The nation needs the next Great (Re) Awakening in order to build and

secure the Third Reconstruction. Based on fusion multi-racial coalitions, the goal is to mobilize

faith communities and people of conscience to give moral voice to the call for an anti-racist,

anti-poverty, pro-justice agenda to invest in impoverished communities. Leadership will come

from faith and moral leaders with deliberate outreach to African-American, Latino, Native

American, Asian and white clergy of diverse backgrounds and religious affiliations, along with

other leaders with moral authority in an effort to build an enduring base, power and

infrastructure that can affect change not only in the current election cycle but also well into the


Revival Goals:

1. Build state based power rooted in moral analysis, articulation and activism that can drive

persistent movement on policy agendas at the level of state legislatures and governors.

2. Reframe the national conversation from the state up and from the bottom up around

moral issues of race, poverty and gender.

3. Create a movement that directly combats the southern strategy that divided African

Americans, Latinos and whites who share economic interests, remembering that the

southern strategy is used across the country now.

4. Lift up and empower progressive moral voices in the national conversation, including

members of the most marginalized sectors of society.

5. Provide a moral framework for policy discourse and provoke robust solution-oriented

agendas on poverty and the persistent racial inequalities that plague our nation. Utilize

2016 election as megaphone for the issues.

6. Develop a moral, progressive fusion movement based on the North Carolina

Moral Monday model that successfully brings together demographics across race, religion,

gender, class, sexual orientation/identity, political party, immigration status, ability and

national origin.


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Sponsoring organizations: American Friends Service Committee, Georgia NAACP, New Georgia Project, The Coalition for the Peoples Agenda, Raise Up ATL

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