Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights! International Women's Day (IWD)

Start: Tuesday, March 08, 2022 1:00 PM

Hosted by Seattle Refuse Fascism


March 8th, 2022 1PM
International Women's Day

Take to the Street to Declare:

We Refuse to Let the U.S. Supreme Court
Deny Women's Humanity & Decimate Their Rights!


If the people of this country do not stand up and radically change things, it is very likely that the Supreme Court will gut or overturn women's fundamental right to abortion (established in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision) by late Spring.

This must NOT be allowed!

Denying the right to abortion forces women to bear children against their will. This does grotesque physical, emotional, societal, and psychic violence by reducing women to baby-making machines! Denying the right to abortion hits poor women, and especially Black and other women of color, with vicious consequence – tightening the chains of both white supremacy and patriarchy. The attack on abortion is part of a patriarchal Christian fascist program that takes aim at contraception as well as LGBTQ rights.

Forced motherhood is female enslavement. When women are not free, no one is free.

Yet all too many pro-choice leaders and Democratic Party politicians preach a “realism” of accepting the Court’s gutting of abortion rights. They tell us to prepare for a “post-Roe” society. Whatever their intent, this amounts to capitulating in advance.

The violent subjugation of half of society must not be accommodated, excused, downplayed, or surrendered to. IT MUST BE STOPPED!

Our only way forward is to resist. To fill the streets with our fury in cities and small towns. Uniting all who can be united. Coming back stronger in continuing nonviolent mass protest. Shaking all of society. Drawing inspiration from the mighty outpourings around the world against patriarchal degradation. Changing the whole political atmosphere and what women-haters – from the Supreme Court to the streets – feel they can get away with.

March 8, International Women’s Day: Fill the streets with serious determination and rebellious joy. We will compel all to take notice, inspiring more people to join us. From there, we rally more people and fury… aiming to bring society to a halt and force our demand – that women not be slammed backwards – to be reckoned with and acted upon by every institution in society.

If you care about the half of humanity that is born female… if you remember the back-alley deaths and foreclosed lives before abortion was legal… if you are among the 1 in 4 women whose dreams — or even survival — has hinged on access to abortion… if you refuse to inherit, or pass on, a world that is hurtling backwards…

NOW is the time to hold nothing back. NOW is the time to rouse thousands and soon millions in struggle so that we can look every woman and girl in the eye with the promise that they will have a future as full human beings. NOW is the time to stand up, together, as if our lives depend upon it—for, in fact, they do!