Jersey City Solidarity Rally + Bike Ride

Start: Saturday, November 12, 202212:00 PM

Join a wide coalition of local leaders, neighborhood and civic associations, and statewide environmental organizations for a rally against the proposed expansion to the I-78 turnpike!

We'll start the day at 10:00 am with an 8.5 mile bike ride, starting at the Grove Street PATH station, to visit some of the areas affected by the expansion of the Turnpike. Then, we'll gather at Mary Benson Park in Jersey City for a noon rally. RSVP now!

Date: Saturday November 12th

Bike route:

There will be brief stops along the route to highlight the negative impacts of the expansion on the community:

  1. Liberty Science Center/Liberty State Park
  2. Booker T Projects and Gateway Field
  3. Ferris High School
  4. Hudson Gardens and Dickinson High School
  5. Holland Gardens and St Lucy’s Shelter
  6. 12th and 14th Streets/Holland Tunnel
  7. Enos Jones Park
  8. Mary Benson Park (Rally) 12:00 Noon

Additional background on the Turnpike/I78 expansion proposal, please check out

Tell Governor Murphy NO to the disastrous plan to widen the NJ Turnpike throughout Jersey City, which will

  • Poison the air - Hudson County already has one of highest asthma rates in the state. I-78 has dozens of schools along it where children are being sentenced to life-long respiratory problems.
  • Harm the climate - The expansion will add greenhouse emissions when we urgently need to reduce them.
  • Make traffic and gridlock worse - While Gov. Murphy will tell you that this project is meant to alleviate traffic, decades of research shows that wider roads lead to more traffic . Making the claim even more preposterous is that I-78 ends at the Holland Tunnel which is not getting any wider.
  • Inequitably harm overburdened communities - The proposed expansion will harm everyone, but particularly environmental justice communities near the Turnpike. This highway widening harkens back to a racist and classist era when the state thought nothing of dividing communities and destroying homes of the less powerful.
  • Divert money from desperately needed transit projects, bikeways and walkways. To sustainably power the economy of the future, we have big gaps in investment from extending the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail over the Hackensack, to the Bergen Arches and Embankment greenway projects for critical bike/walk connections between the future Essex-Hudson Greenway and the waterfront.
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