San Fernando Valley Childcare For All Canvass

Start: Saturday, April 02, 202211:00 AM

End: Saturday, April 02, 2022 1:00 PM

Join us for DSA-LA’s second Childcare for All community survey canvas in the San Fernando Valley! This canvas is designed to build connections with community members, act as organizing experience for developing socialists, and agitate for this already widely-supported demand — a demand that puts the needs and well-being of children, parents, workers, teachers, and communities ahead of the needs of capital.  

You are invited to join this canvas regardless of whether you are a seasoned organizer or entirely new to organizing. The event kicks off with a training at the beginning to make sure you have all of the information and resources you need before knocking doors, and those new to canvassing will be paired with experienced canvassers.

More about the DSA-LA Childcare for All campaign:

Universal Childcare will provide play-based childcare for every working parent in Los Angeles County, and ensure childcare jobs are public and unionized!

Who needs Universal Childcare?


Universal childcare levels income inequality in the long term. It provides all children with regular meals and clean and safe facilities where they can play, interact with others, learn, and grow in healthy, wholesome, and developmentally appropriate ways.


In most families, both parents work, and childcare is a necessity. Only 14% of infants are covered under current subsidies for childcare and 41% of all preschoolers. Working families can expect to pay a third of their annual household paycheck on child care alone. Parents deserve Universal Childcare!

Childcare Workers!

Childcare workers and early childhood educators often work in substandard conditions, are paid a median wage of $23,760, and receive few to no benefits or workplace protections. Childcare providers deserve well-paying, union government jobs with full benefits and protections!


Capitalists benefit when we shift the costs of raising the next generation of workers onto individual families and parents. The same arguments against universal child care are being made to erode and privatize funding for public education and other hard-won public goods.  

Interested in joining the fight? Contact to find out how!


? Childcare For All ?

Children, Parents, Childcare Workers, SOCIALISTS need Universal Childcare!

Universal Childcare provides all children with regular meals and a safe environment to grow and play. It saves parents a third of their annual household paycheck. It provides childcare workers with union government jobs with full benefits and protections.

It gives socialists an opportunity to further broaden DSA-LA’s membership base by rallying for a popular and deeply felt public good that builds on one of the most robust universal public goods that still exists: public education. It is a strategic and winnable campaign!

How will we fight for Universal Childcare in Los Angeles?

  • Neighborhood networks and outreach

  • Engagement with our elected and endorsed City Council candidates[a]

  • Strategic Partnerships with labor and community organizations

Interested in joining the fight? Contact to find out how!