Seize our Future Rally

Start: Saturday, March 18, 202312:00 PM

As Socialists and New Yorkers we work hard to provide for our families. To help our friends. To take care of our neighbors. To build a future we’d be proud to watch the next generation grow up in. This year, we’re going to tax the rich to raise over $20 billion in revenue and invest in housing security and a Green New Deal for New York.

Join us at Columbus Circle Saturday, March 18th  at 12PM for a rally and march to seize our future!

The cost of living is out of control. We can change that. It starts with passing Good Cause Eviction that protects tenants, strengthens renters’ ability to fight for better conditions in their homes, and stops the outrageous rent hikes sweeping New York State.

Our current energy system poisons our air and water and hikes our energy bills—all in the name of corporate profit. The Build Public Renewables Act is critical to taking on the climate crisis and transitioning away from that murderous system. We need to build renewable energy that makes our communities healthier, safer, and more affordable.

Wear your Tax the Rich beanie and t-shirt so everyone can see the world NYC-DSA is fighting to build!