Senator Thomas: Secure Your Legacy, Pass the LIPA Public Power Act

Start: Tuesday, April 30, 202412:00 PM

End: Tuesday, April 30, 2024 1:00 PM

It's been over four months and Senator Thomas has still not introduced the LIPA Public Power Act: legislation that would make our electric utility fully public, resulting in millions in annual savings on management costs, lower rates, increased reliability, greater public involvement and accountability, and a utility better equipped to meet the mandates of New York's climate law.

This despite the Senator being Co-Chair of the LIPA Commission that developed the legislation; the hundreds of constituents who have weighed in with their support; and the 100+ organizations who are backing this effort.

The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) owns the grids and as a nonprofit public authority, that means we, the public, own the grid. But LIPA contracts with PSEG, a private utility, to RUN it. This costs us $80M/year. And a recent state report found that PSEG is unprepared for the next storm, underperforming on customer service, performing poorly on project management leading to higher rates, and is not capable of meeting New York's climate goals.

As the Chairman of the Committee on Consumer Protection, Senator Thomas has an opportunity to ensure this legislation is a part of his legacy. We need him to introduce and champion the LIPA Public Power Act to deliver for the ratepayers of Long Island so they can save money, have more community oversight, and be better prepared for the impacts of climate change.

Join us on Tuesday, April 30th at 12pm for a gathering outside his district office to send this message. We will also deliver a packet of materials to his office demonstrating the widespread support for the LIPA Public Power Act.