How to #ShutElbitDown

Start: Thursday, September 09, 2021 6:30 PM

Israel’s largest private arms company, Elbit Systems, has 10 sites in the UK. They openly market their weapon as “battle-tested” - as in tested on the captive population of Gaza. This marketing tool is then used to sell their products to oppressive regimes across the world, with Elbit products being used for surveillance, combat and popular repression from Myanmar to the US, and from India to Azerbaijan.

They’re profiting from bloodshed and openly operating on our doorsteps. One of their flagship products - the Hermes 450 drones used extensively by the IDF for assualts on Gaza - is produced in part at Elbit's UAV Tactical Systems factory in Braunstone Town, just down the road. Palestine Action activists have successfully shut this site down twice, including our longest occupation to date for over 6 days in May. Elbit also operate two drone-parts and military tech factories in the neighbouring county of Staffordshire - which have also successfully been shut down numerous times by Palestine Action. All of this action depends on the hundreds of activists who have taken a stand so far.
Ending British complicity in war crimes and Israeli apartheid starts here: with shutting down the death factories operating on our streets. This talk from Palestine Action co-founders Huda Ammori and Richard Barnard will explain how you can - and should - #ShutElbitDown.

How to #ShutElbitDown:

The UK has been complicit in the colonisation of Palestine for over 100 years, and to this day the government continue to facilitate and profit from Israel’s apartheid regime. They have financial and political interests in upholding Palestinian suffering, and have entered hundred-million-pound contracts with Elbit Systems. No matter how many protests, petitions or lobbying the people do, they continue to ignore us. And we’re sick to death of it.

We are on a mission to #ShutElbitDown and to end British complicity with Israeli apartheid. To win, we need you, and everyone can get involved. We take direct action to disrupt, destroy & expose Israel’s arms trade, and since our founding a year ago, we've shut Elbit sites down for over 105 days of the past 365. The more people that take the leap and take action, the closer we are to severing Israel’s kill chain in Britain.

Sick of Israel’s arms trade operating on your doorstep? Ready to make a change? Want to join the movement? Join us when we discuss: How to #ShutElbitDown

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