Social Media Blitz & Madison May Day Mayday Caravan

Start: Friday, May 01, 202012:00 PM

End: Friday, May 01, 2020 2:00 PM

Friday, May 1st is International Workers' Day -- otherwise known as "A Day without Immigrants" and "May Day". During the Industrial Revolution, thousands of workers, including children, were dying every year from poor working conditions and long hours. In 2020, this Coronavirus pandemic has made life exceedingly difficult for Wisconsin workers -- and it's time for our leaders meaningfully act. It's time for Wisconsin workers to demand people-centered solutions.

To make our demands known, and in recognition of the fight workers have been waging since at least the 19th century, we will stand in solidarity with all workers and demand that their basic needs be met on Friday, May 1st, at noon. In keeping with social distancing protocol, we will not physically congregate. Instead, we will meet at the Madison Labor Temple, assemble a vehicle caravan, and drive around the Capitol to make sure our leaders hear our demands:

1) Emergency relief funds for working people, including undocumented workers
2) BadgerCare for all
3) Hazard Pay & PPE for all essential workers
4) Minimum 2-month freeze on the payment of rent, residential mortgages, and utility bills (including sanitation, power, water, gas, & internet services) to allow working families to do what is necessary to prepare for the difficult social measures required to flatten the outbreak curve

Here is what we are asking you to do:

Today @ 1pm, sharp: Nationwide social media blitz -- create a post or tweet and include the following hashtags: #WIMayday #CoronaStrike #GeneralStrike2020 #RentStrike2020 (or #CancelRent). Feel free to use this template: "Join the #Mayday 2020 #PeoplesStrike in response to the #COVID19 crisis! We demand people-centered solutions. Sacrifice no one for landlords or the rich! Join us in #Madison! #WIMayday #CoronaStrike #GeneralStrike2020 #RentStrike2020" (or #CancelRent)

Friday, May 1st: Meet at Madison Labor Temple at noon and 1) wear red and 2) write a shortened version of the above demands and place them on your vehicles (you can use poster board, window markers, etc.).

Anytime before Friday: Please sign this petition & join the Wisconsin Rent Strike 2020 Facebook group