Socialist Night School - A Brief History of the German Socialists in St. Louis

Start: Wednesday, September 27, 2023 7:00 PM

End: Wednesday, September 27, 2023 8:30 PM

Hello comrades, we have reached the penultimate Socialist Night School class for this year! As always these classes are open to everyone, so if you know anyone that might be interested, be sure and let them know. This month's class will be presented by journalist Devin O'Shea and will be covering the story of German Socialists in St. Louis!

Through lifting weights, drinking beer, and committing armed revolutionary emancipation, German immigrants had a profound effect upon politics and culture in St. Louis. Much of that history has been erased over the course of two world wars and the Red Scare. This lecture will provide an ideological overview of what socialism and communism meant in 1848, what distinguished Germans from other classes of immigrants arriving in America, the lasting socialist influence won in the aftermath of the American Civil War, and why the German influence on St. Louis and the Midwest is largely forgotten.

Readings can be found below:

Devin O'Shea's writing is in Slate, The Nation, Jacobin, Protean, Current Affairs and elsewhere. @devintoshea on twitter, @devintoshea on Instagram.