Solidarity with UAW

Start: Monday, September 23, 201911:00 AM


Stand in Solidarity with Striking United Auto Workers at GM in their Fight for Health Care Justice! Nearly 50,000 members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union employed at General Motors are currently on strike. One of the top issues they are striking over is health care and prohibitive prescription drug prices. A few days ago, GM decided to terminate health coverage for these workers and their families, who are all now suddenly uninsured. This has left members and their families worrying about how to pay for insulin, prescriptions and cancer treatments. The need for Medicare for All couldn’t be more clear. Healthcare is the number one reason for strikes and always a top fight at the bargaining table. With Medicare for All, unions would no longer have to negotiate or strike over healthcare. And we would achieve a system that guarantees a comprehensive, high quality, single standard of care that is no longer tied to one’s employment while eliminating financial barriers to receiving care. Stand in solidarity with the UAW and striking GM workers this Monday to show that the fight for healthcare justice is also a fight for worker justice! Join a picket line near you! Important reminders: • Please do not bring Medicare for All signs or flyers. • Be ready to support and follow directions of the union members and strike line leaders. • And offer to help, pitch in wherever is needed. • Thank you!

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