Stop the Oil Trains

Start: July 05, 2014 3:00 PM


On Saturday, July 5th we will bear witness to the one-year anniversary of the disastrous oil train derailment in Lac-Megantic, and raise public awareness of dangerous crude-by-rail transport in the beautiful Lake Champlain region. We will gather near the mouth of the Saranac River, on foot, on bikes, and in canoes and kayaks; we will array ourselves on the pedestrian bridge, about 50 feet from the railroad bridge where a derailment could cause mayhem in the city, and ecological ruin in the lake. We will remember what is at stake.

Join us as we stand with residents in Lac-Megantic, grassroots activists across North America, and with groups including Center for Biological Diversity, People for Positive Action, ForestEthics,, Oil Change International, and the Sierra Club.

At a time when the urgency for climate action is at its greatest in history, we cannot fall into the oil industry’s false debate on the “best method” to transport fossil fuels. There is no way to make exploding oil trains safe, no way to make tar sands pipelines safe, no way to make the heating of our atmosphere safe for humans or other species.

Despite dozens of oil train disasters, including last year’s loss of 47 lives in Lac-Megantic, the oil industry is seeking to dramatically expand oil by rail in the U.S. and in Canada. While communities throughout North America are forced to bear the risks of derailments, explosions, evacuations, and oil spills, the industry actively lobbies against any significant regulatory change. Lac-Megantic’s suffering is a grim reminder to us all: Big Oil will stop at nothing to extract, transport, and burn every drop of oil in the ground. 

But now we say NO MORE. No more exploding trains. No more tar sands. No more reckless endangerment of our communities and our climate! Join our event on July 5th. Your presence is needed and welcome.  

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