STRIKE, Bushwick!

Start: Saturday, November 06, 2021 1:00 PM

Join the Bushwick community and NoNBKPipeline organizers to let your neighbors know we are on STRIKE!

We'll meet at a cafe, and write notes to our neighbors to stick on to Gas Bill Strike flyers. Then, we'll go through the community and let people know: we refuse to pay for poison!


New Yorkers are going on strike - by withholding $66 on our National Grid gas bills, we refuse to pay to be poisoned by the North Brooklyn Pipeline. #noNBKpipeline

Activists have been fighting against the completion of this pipeline with public protest, legal tactics, community education, and political advocacy for over a year and a half. Now, we go on strike - because we will not pay to be poisoned.

Find more info at our website:

Follow our social media for the latest updates and events: @nonbkpipeline @saneenergy ...

(The North Brooklyn Pipeline is a dangerous fracked-gas pipeline that National Grid has pushed through majority BIPOC neighborhoods in Brooklyn, without community consent. Fracked gas contains substances like methane, which worsens the climate crisis, as well as benzene and other materials that have been linked to cancer, asthma, low birth weight, and other diseases. It is unneeded infrastructure, that risks the health and safety of over 153,000 Brooklyn residents only for the sake of making more money for a corporate utility company.)

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