Suffering Salmon: Climate Change and Trudeau's Pipeline/Tanker Project

Start: Saturday, September 08, 201811:00 AM

End: Saturday, September 08, 2018 3:00 PM

Join us for the first “Save the Salmon!” Day in Burnaby, with speakers, video, displays, games and tours of the nearby First Nations’ Watch House. Learn about ow to adopt and save a local salmon stream! Learn about the salmon’s incredible life journey, their critical importance in the Lower mainland and the threats they face and how you can help.

The even will feature salmon-themed video presentations, entertainers, and games for kids. The location is close to Eagle Creek—directly threatened by the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

The all-ages event will highlight the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, along with climate change, as direct and indirect threats to our salmon and the many creature that rely on them for sustenance.

Over 30 years of Streamkeeper volunteer work has revived our local streams. We need to continue to protect our streams and salmon for future generations.