Sunrise San Ramon #ClimateStrike

Start: Friday, December 06, 2019 8:30 AM

End: Friday, December 06, 201912:00 PM

With the consequences of climate change becoming ever more clear and dire with each passing day, a new powerful wave of the climate movement has been swelling up over the last couple of years. Young people around the world have been rising up to defend our future, and have been going on strike – every week, all over the planet – for months. In the September Climate Strikes alone, 7.6 million people took to the streets with us.

People are dying. How many more have to lose their lives before something is done to avert this crisis?

But our movement isn't going anywhere. Now, we are preparing for the next wave of Climate Strikes.

We are striking for:

a. Frontline communities impacted by the climate crisis and corporate greed.

b. Future generations, such as our great-grand children whose lives will be in danger.

c. Millions of species who are on the brink of extinction.

d. All of humanity.

Our strike will push for four crucial demands for our local government:

We will pressure SRVUSD and City of San Ramon to support youth local climate action and strikes.

The City of San Ramon and SRVUSD must declare a climate emergency and back a federal Green New Deal.

City leaders on the SRVUSD school board and City Council of San Ramon must pledge to refuse ANY fossil fuel money from corporations such as Chevron and Pacific Gas and Electric.

Our government should put people before profits and ensure that all of us including future generations have a right to a livable future.

Sign up now to be a part of San Ramon's #ClimateStrike!

We are Sunrise Movement San Ramon. Join us.