Support Beatrix, Mag and Jayne at court

Start: Thursday, February 23, 202310:00 AM

During the Women's Stage One race at the Santos Tour Down Under, Beatrix, Mag and Jayne joined a group of women baring breasts and bums in protest against Santos' sponsorship of the event.

The group of woman ranging in age from 58 to 78 firstly exposed their breasts as they unbuttoned their tops to reveal the message: SANTOS SUX. They then proceed to turn around and undo the flaps covering their backsides to reveal the message: DUMP SANTOS!

Police then proceeded to arrest Beatrix, Mag and Jayne. It is unclear to us why only these three rebels were targeted. All three were charged with indecent behaviour.

Watch the livestream here!

Join rebels outside the court to show your support for these brave women.