Tax March Santa Cruz

Start: Saturday, April 15, 201710:00 AM


Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump told the American people he would release his tax returns and come clean about his business dealings, as presidential candidates and presidents have done for decades. Despite intense public pressure, President Donald Trump has not yet done so. In refusing to release these tax returns, he is able to hide his business dealings, financial ties, and conflicts of interest.

Within days of his inauguration, the White House petition calling on Trump to release his tax returns garnered the most signatures on a White House petition, ever. The Trump administration's response? "People don't care."

On April 15th, we’re marching on Santa Cruz, and others are marching in communities across the country to show that we do care. And that we’re not going away. Tens of thousands of Americans will send a clear message to Donald Trump: The president is accountable to the American people, and he must answer to us.

***As of 4/11, we have had enough passengers fill the first van. If we get another 14 passengers we will be able to hire a second van. If we do not get enough passengers for the second van, the price per person will be higher than what is listed here assuming that the group still wants to use the second van.***

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