Start: Tuesday, January 13, 201512:00 PM

Hosted by Omaha Pipeline Fighters with support from Bold Nebraska

Brad Ashford says we need to build the Keystone Pipeline and get on to bigger questions about the environment. Here in Nebraska you would think that protecting the Aquifer and the Sandhills would be the biggest environmental concern of our elected officials.

If you agree, come join us at noon, Tuesday, January 13th, in front of Brad Ashford's Omaha office at 7126 Pacific Street, to express your disappointment over his vote to support the Keystone Pipeline.

We will line up outside and then ask each participant to enter and tell his aides why you object to the Congressman's vote. (If you cannot make it, do call Ashford's D.C. office and let him know your displeasure: 202-225-4155.)

We will provide signs and banners but please feel free to make or bring your own. For those who have time, following the visit to the office, we will march down to Pacific and 72nd Street with our signs and banners and have a brief rally at the intersection.

For those of you who want to make your own signs, suggestions would include urging the President to veto the Keystone bill when it comes to him or to deny the permit now.

If our elected officials will not protect and be stewards of our land and water, then it is up to us to do so.