The National Fuel Blockade

Start: Thursday, June 10, 2021 4:00 PM

End: Thursday, June 10, 2021 6:00 PM

Extinction Rebellion will blockade liquid fuel distribution centres in Sydney and Melbourne on Thursday 10 June to highlight the short-sightedness and inadequacy of the Government’s gas-led recovery.

We will need as many rebels as we can get, from all across the country.


Sydney: Join us at Friendship Road, Port Botany on June 10 at 4pm.
Melbourne: Join us at the Exxon Mobil Yarraville facility, Francis st, at 4:30pm for a prebrief.
Rebels Elsewhere: Roles will be available for rebels all across the country. RSVP and we will get in touch.

The Problem

Fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas are destroying the atmosphere and causing a Climate Emergency.

The Government’s Solutions

Our politicians are owned by the fossil fuel companies. They are spending our taxes to prop up world destroying technology such as new gas-fueled, power stations, pipelines and publicly subsidised oil refineries, at a time when the world desperately needs to cut greenhouse gas emissions and draw down all the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

A Cleaner Solution

Right now we have all the solutions we need to get to negative emissions.  

Regenerative land use can restore fertility to the land while storing carbon in the ground. We can cut conspicuous consumption, and we even have the tech for a carbon free energy system: big battery storage, green hydrogen, pumped hydro, electronic vehicles, etc.

All we need is the political will to make them happen.  

And that's why Extinction Rebellion is building a powerful movement to use civil disobedience to disrupt business as usual and force the government to hold a citizen's assembly of ordinary Australians to deal with the climate and ecological emergency.

Our government has a choice

We are at a pivotal moment. What happens next is crucial.

Extinction Rebellion will peacefully and non-violently blockade fuel distribution centres countrywide on June 10th.


Join the rebellion: