The People vs. Wells Fargo

Start: Monday, April 24, 2023 7:00 AM

At the end of April, three of the world’s largest funders of fossil fuels will hold their Annual General Meetings: Wells Fargo, Citibank, and Bank of America. These three banks alone have loaned more than $789 billion to coal, oil, and gas companies since the Paris Agreement was adopted in 2015.

With allies across the country - we are going to shut down, occupy, and disrupt business at the global headquarters of all three banks the day before their annual shareholder meetings. Citi’s HQ in New York, Bank of America’s HQ in Charlotte, and Wells Fargo’s HQ in San Francisco will each be subject to massive, disruptive and impossible-to-ignore protests, the day before their most important meetings of the year.

Wells Fargo is the world’s third-largest funder of fossil fuels. In 2021 alone, it loaned more than $42 billion to coal, oil, and gas corporations. But at its annual shareholder meeting, investors have a chance to make a real difference. They’ll be voting on resolutions to end financing for fossil fuel expansion, prevent greenwashing, and push the bank to create a climate transition plan.

That’s why on Monday, April 24th ― the day before Wells Fargo’s most important meeting of the year ― we’re going to shut down the bank’s San Francisco headquarters to make it as clear as possible to investors: funding the climate crisis comes with consequences.

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