The State of Our State: A Response to Austerity

Start: 2021-01-14 19:00:00 UTC Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada) (GMT-05:00)

This is a virtual event

In his State of the State address, Gov. Cuomo described a vision fundamentally out of touch with the reality of life for millions of New Yorkers today.

Following the end of Governor's State of the State on Thursday, five socialist state legislators will offer their response to the Governor's austerity budget and outline a path forward that, by increasing taxes on the rich, to save the state from economic catastrophe. We don't need to settle for a New York that only caters to the rich; we deserve all a society that works for everyone and future we all have a place in.

Cuomo and his handpicked Republican budget director have told us that the money simply isn’t there, but we know that’s a lie. For too long we've seen our state’s resources drained into the bank accounts of the rich while hard-working New Yorkers increasingly struggle to meet basic needs. New Yorkers reject Cuomo’s vision of austerity for the many and opulence for the few. Ninety percent of New Yorkers favor raising taxes on the rich to cutting public services. We won't allow Cuomo's crony capitalism to ruin our state and ravage our lives.

Tune in on Thursday, January 14th, to hear an alternative for our future for our from five of New York's socialist state legislators The path forward is clear. We know who's blocking the way.

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