Tuesdays with Moran: Oppose Climate Cuts!

Start: Tuesday, April 04, 201712:00 PM


Our national and economic security depends on a stable climate. We will ask our Members of Congress to oppose the drastic funding cuts to Climate Change and Scientific Research programs that have been proposed in the Trump Budget.

Climate change and its effects can no longer be considered theoretical, or off in some distant future.

  • Over 95% of climate researchers agree that climate change is human caused. Most agree we're at a tipping point for irreversible change.
  • Climate change in the Midwest means more frequent and more severe storms, stressing infrastructure and disaster recovery funds, and harming the lives and livelihoods of our neighbors.
  • Climate change around the world creates national security challenges by creating instability and disrupting populations.

But still, Trump and Republicans aligned with his administration are burying their head in the sand, and trying to cut and deny their way out of the future.

Join us if you agree that climate change and scientific research are too vital to our future to eliminate for political reasons.

Come prepared to take action and meet others who are working to resist Trump's agenda. You can engage in your free time, and there are ways for everybody to participate. We’ll be encouraging our Members of Congress in Senate and House to represent us, not Trump. If we stand together, Indivisible, we will win. This is what democracy looks like!

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