Tyne & Wear Citizens - Delegates Assembly

Start: Wednesday, November 22, 2023 6:00 PM

End: Wednesday, November 22, 2023 8:00 PM

Throughout 2022, Tyne and Wear Citizens members have been listening to the issues that are impacting our communities and beginning to organize together for change.

New action teams are forming and developing proposals for the alliance to consider as our new priority campaigns.

So, on the evening of 22nd November - 6.00-8.00pm - we will be holding our Delegates Assembly; members will discuss, vote and agree on priorities for the next phase of action.

It’s a really exciting moment for the alliance and it’s vital that members attend this Assembly so that we can make important decisions together.

Friends of Tyne & Wear Citizens are also welcome to attend and find out more, but our member institutions will make the decisions. If you’ve been considering membership – please get in touch asap to make this happen before the Delegates, if you want to – there is still time!

At the Delegates Assembly, you’ll hear from our new action teams. They will present their issue, the worthwhile and winnable problem that stems from the issue, the testimony that led to this proposal and who’s in the team.

Members will then work in their organisation’s teams to prioritise what becomes an alliance wide priority for our next phase of action.

To vote, member organisations are required to bring at least 5 people to this Assembly (you can bring more too!), so that we have an equal say on what to take forward as alliance wide campaigns.

We know that Community Organising is an effective way to not only make change but also bring communities together and strengthen institutions. It’s good to be on this journey with you, into our chapter’s next cycle of action.

Join this Assembly to work with others to start the next phase of our work.

As always – please circulate this email amongst your organisations and action teams as this only goes to named contacts (that fancy new system will be up and running soon – but bear with this for the moment and kindly pass this on)

With best wishes,

Sara, Wendy, Austin and Claire

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