UAW 4121 Picket Shift Sign Up

Start: Monday, June 12, 2023 5:00 AM

2,400 UAW 4121 Postdocs and Research Scientists/Engineers are striking until they win! UW has stalled, bargained in bad faith and payed many of its workers 30% below the national average. All while its president makes $842,000 a year and lives in a mansion. And its 'Investment Management Company' oversees a total of $8 billion.

The workers of UAW 4121 aren't going to take it anymore and are going on strike. They are demanding:

1. Support for an Inclusive Workforce:

Support in their contracts for parents and caregivers and a harassment prevention program for research scientist and engineers.

2. Play by the Rules:

For UW to stop committing unfair labor practices and attempting to weasel its way out of following laws guaranteeing fair pay to hourly workers. It's time for the University to bargain in good faith so UW's workers can get what they are owed.

3.  Fair Compensation:

UW's research scientists engineers and postdocs are payed 30% below the national average. And due to the University's attempts to worm its way out of Washington States minimum salary laws many postdocs are also payed lower than many others in the industry. Not only that but there are pay differences within labs of tens of thousands of dollars.

Join them in their fight and on the picket lines! Sign up for a picket shift today! The strike will carry on until the workers win so look at out for future picket shift sign ups if UW doesn’t meet the workers demands.

If you can't make a picket shift donate here.

Picket Shift Locations:

NE 45th St & Memorial Way NE (SW corner)
15th Ave NE & W Stevens Way NE (NE corner)
Montlake Triangle: NE Pacific St & Montlake Blvd NE
SLU: Mercer St (between 8th and 9th Ave N)

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