Unconditional Basic Income Hypotheses with ​Simon Duffy

Start: 2024-02-27 16:00:00 UTC Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris (GMT+01:00)

A link to attend this virtual event will be emailed upon RSVP

In this session, Simon Duffy from Citizen's Network and UBI Lab Network will join us to talk about his history with personal budgets and self-directed care, the role of the organizations he's involved in, why he campaigns for a UBI and the importance in the way we implement policies. Finally, we hope to get a fascinating insight into the debate between Universal Basic Services and Universal Basic Income and why they are in fact complementary ideas.

Dr Simon Duffy is a philosopher and social innovator based in Sheffield, UK, who works to create a world where everyone matters. Simon is President of Citizen Network Coop, Director of Citizen Network Research (formerly the Center for Welfare Reform) and works closely with the UBI Lab Network. His work focuses on the ideal of citizenship and how each of us can be fully equal and unique. Simon is a regular public speaker, writer and policy advisor.

Citizen's Network focuses on projects that help to orientate citizenship around three core ideas: equality, diversity and community.

The UBI Lab Network is a worldwide decentralized network of citizens, researchers, activists and campaigners exploring the potential of Universal Basic Income. The UBI Lab Network is facilitated by the social enterprise Opus. A UBI Lab is a citizen-led group seeking to explore and advocate for a Universal Basic Income. Groups are themed geographically or by lived experience. There are currently approximately 40 UBI labs.

Unconditional Basic Income Hypotheses is an online research seminar for basic income research centers and networks worldwide. Check out the full list of previous and upcoming UBI Hypotheses sessions here: https://ubi.hypotheses.org/program-2023-2024