Media Action, EPA Hearing, Viewing of Reinventing Power

Start: Tuesday, August 21, 2018 4:15 PM

Media Event/EPA Hearing: The Veolia hazardous waste incinerator has produced heavy metals and other hazardous air pollution surrounding East St. Louis.  Join UCM and People's Climate Movement in demanding that EPA stop their sweetheart deal with Veolia that gave them down  "watered-down" regulations that allow them to keep spewing toxins into the air. Wear a mask or handkerchief to demonstrate the problems of breathing Veolia's pollutans, including arsenic.                                             Showing of Documentary, Reinventing Power:  Join UCM and People's Climate Movement at 6:30 a few blocks away at Good Shepherd of Faith United Church of Christ, 1514 Kansas Ave, East St. Louis, IL. Learn how we don't have to sacrifice our health in order to have good jobs and energy.