"Up The Ante" Chase Digital Action Hour!

Start: Friday, December 11, 202012:00 PM

End: Friday, December 11, 2020 1:00 PM

Up-The-Ante Chase Letter-Writing and Social Media Campaign

Join us for a letter-writing, email and social media messaging one-hour “Up-The-Ante” campaign to urge Chase Bank to stop funding construction of the Line 3 and Keystone XL pipelines NOW.

WHEN: Friday, Dec. 11: 12 – 1pm


This action is part of a nation-wide effort to support the urgent request from indigenous women leaders to financial institutions to stop funding the extraction and transport of tar sands oil and in the U.S. -- specifically, the illegal and dangerous construction of the Keystone XL and Line 3 pipelines through indigenous sovereign territory, both funded by Chase.

For more background information, please click this!

Zoom Meeting Link: https://zoom.us/j/98948303208?pwd=ekJjNTdadU5pNWIrckFsdE1McUR3dz09

Note: if you'd like to do the email / social media parts of this event, it would help to join the Zoom meeting from a desktop / laptop if possible. Not mandatory, but will make it easier to copy/paste/post!