UPS Teamster Solidarity Tabling and Postering

Start: Saturday, July 22, 202311:00 AM

End: Saturday, July 22, 2023 1:00 PM

Join comrades at E pike St and Broadway, 98122 for a tabling and postering session.

Right now 340,000 UPS workers, members of the teamsters union, are in a contract fight with UPS and if a deal is not reached by August 1st we might see one of the largest strike in US history. Even though UPS made over $13 billion in profits last year the company has refused to budge on paying its part time workers, the majority of its workers, a living wage. And the company has begun to spread its corporate propaganda in an effort to put a stop to efforts to build solidarity amongst the working class.

In order to help counter these efforts we will be conducting a series of tabling and postering event to inform the public about the current UPS teamsters contract fight and build community support for a possible strike.

If you haven't sign the strike ready pledge here to commit to showing up on the picket lines if UPS workers go on strike and for the Labor Working Group to mobilize you to the picket lines as fast as possible in the event of a strike.

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