UPS Teamsters Solidarity Movie Night: Labor's Turning Point

Start: Sunday, July 30, 2023 8:00 PM

End: Sunday, July 30, 2023 9:30 PM

UPS Teamsters Solidarity Movie Night: Labor's Turning Point

Sunday, July 30th at 8PM

The Beacon Cinema, 4405 Rainier Ave S

Right now 340,000 UPS Teamsters are in contract negotiations with UPS, a company made over $13 billion in profits last year. In spite of these record profits a majority of the companies workers are part time workers making poverty wages. If UPS refuses to meet the demands of the workers than we could see the largest strike in US history as 340,000 workers stand up and fight back.

This would be a historic moment for the US labor movement. In order to help understand the significance of this strike and what it could mean for the working class in this country Seattle DSA will be putting on a screening of the documentary Labor's Turning Point (1981).

Labor's Turning Point (1981) covers another historic moment in the labor movement that Teamsters played a key role in, the 1934 Minneapolis Truck Driver's Strike. The documentary covers the heroic fight of the teamsters and the working class of the town against the brutal strike breaking efforts of local business alliance. At the same time it demonstrates the leading role socialists played in this historic strike.

After the film we will discuss the UPS Teamsters contract fight, the current labor movement and get ourselves ready to turn out to the picket lines if a strike is called on August 1st (Sign DSA's Strike Ready Pledge!).

This is a free event but we encourage you to join $15 if you can. Nobody turned away! DONATE HERE!

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