Veterans Forum on the War in Afghanistan

Start: Saturday, October 23, 2021 4:00 PM

Before the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, many veterans were irate at the corrupt and reckless policies and practices of administration after administration that left many with physical and psychological injuries without a decent explanation about what it was all for. Many criticized the US’ collaboration with oppressive warlords, attempts to plunder the country’s mineral wealth, and indiscriminate killings of Afghani people. In a 2020 survey, 73 percent of veterans surveyed supported a full withdrawal of the military in Afghanistan and 57 percent of veterans surveyed stated they feel the US should be less engaged in military conflicts overseas in general.

And yet despite such consensus, the US rushed and destructive withdrawal was a repeat of the many ill-planned missions and campaigns of the past twenty years of the war.

Please join us on October 23rd at 4pm for a veterans forum meant to bring together veterans to discuss their experiences and views on Afghanistan as well as ways we can come together to resist future US military and political interventions abroad.


Erik EdstromNeta Crawford

Erik Edstrom, Author of “Un-American: A Soldier’s Reckoning of Our Longest War”

Neta Crawford, Co-Director of the Costs of War Project and author of “Accountability for Killing: Moral Responsibility for Collateral Damage in America’s Post-9/11 Wars”


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