Wage Theft Clinic : Your Rights at Work

Start: 2022-06-01 18:00:00 UTC Pacific Standard Time (US & Canada) (GMT-08:00)

End: 2022-06-01 19:30:00 UTC Pacific Standard Time (US & Canada) (GMT-08:00)

This is a virtual event

Are you owed wages that you are legally entitled to from your boss? If yes, you are not alone. Wage theft is an endemic problem and it's everywhere. Join workers on June 1st at 6pm PDT for a free training and to learn how to reclaim your wages.  

What is wage theft?

Wage theft is the denial of wages and or benefits that are owed to a worker. It can be conducted by bosses in various ways such as paying you less than they agreed to and or not paying your wages at all.

Many workplaces are currently facing a staff shortage which means workers are overworked and facing difficult conditions. The lack of enforcement of minimum wage and overtime laws means that workers need to protect themselves and their coworkers from wage theft. Yet, often workers do not demand for wages owed to them because they fear retaliation from their bosses. There are different avenues to justice for wage theft, come to the free training to find out what may work for you.

What is the goal of this training?

We will learn about the top forms of wage theft, different avenues to justice and how to calculate overtime, statutory holiday pay, severance and more.

You will receive an information package after you register which will include templates and how to stay anonymous.