Wake Up and Unite Against Racism

Start: Wednesday, March 20, 2019 6:00 PM

On March 21st, we will #UniteAgainstRacism to insist on:

STATUS FOR ALL, STATUS NOW: Permanent resident status and family unity for all migrants and refugees here, and landed status on arrival for those that arrive in the future. Replace Caregiver “pilot project” with a Federal Care Workers Program that provides landed status upon entry for Care Workers and their families. No deportations!
DECENT WORK & FAIR WAGES: $15 minimum wage! Full labour rights! No closed permits
ACCESS FOR ALL: Universal access to public services including healthcare, education, income security, settlement services, childcare, pensions, and more.
JUST SOCIETY: Indigenous self-determination, gender justice, and an end to racism, particularly anti-Black racisms
NO DISPLACEMENT: An end to practices of displacement and persecution that force us to move including climate change, wars, and economic exploitation.