Webinar: The World Is My Country Club with David Gallup

Start: Wednesday, July 15, 202010:00 AM

End: Wednesday, July 15, 202012:00 PM


*David Gallup's opening talk was so well received that participants asked for another session. One of our volunteers said he was "moved to tears" to hear about WSA's hopeful work -- it made him feel like he was part of creating "a world-wide SYNERGY that will see our dreams and our vision become a reality!"  

David Gallup is president of The World Service Authority (WSA) founded by Garry Davis. In his first talk he showed us their unique and pioneering work and the power of the human rights instruments WSA has created. World Passports, World ID's, World Birth Certificates and World Marriage Licenses. They help thousands of stateless people and refugees -- and enable all of us to claim our rights as citizens of the world!