Welcome and Onboarding Live Webinar

Start: Sunday, August 02, 2020 5:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time (US & Canada) (GMT-04:00)


Welcome to the Movement for a People's Party!

We're building a major new progressive populist party in America. A party that is completely free of corporate and billionaire money. Because Wall Street has two major parties and working people have none.

A large majority of Americans want a major new party, support progressive policies, and want money out of politics. With more than sixty thousand members and supporters like Nina Turner, Jimmy Dore, and Cornel West the Movement for a People's Party is making it happen.

Join our Welcome and Onboarding Webinar to learn about our mission, strategy, decentralized structure, regenerative culture, and current projects. We're organizing with Bernie's platform before members determine the final platform at the founding convention.

During the live webinar we'll share our plan to become the largest party in America in the next four years, including hosting a People's Convention this summer, a founding convention next year, sending representatives to Congress in the midterms, and winning the presidency in 2024.

Before the webinar, please sign up on our volunteer page and select which working groups you’d like to join. You can read our community agreements and join our team communications platform Slack from our volunteer page.

Volunteer and join Slack

After the call you'll have everything you need to dive into organizing the People's Party!

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