“What’s the point of this, Miss?” What’s gone wrong with education and how we can fix it

Start: 2022-04-07 18:00:00 UTC British Summer Time (GMT+01:00)

End: 2022-04-07 19:30:00 UTC British Summer Time (GMT+01:00)

This is a virtual event

Join Compass on Thursday 7th April for the first of two events examining how we can create the education system our children truly deserve.

Covid-19 has exposed the vast inequalities baked into the way we educate children in the UK. But there’s a whole lot more that needs changing – and most politicians don’t like talking about it.

Are we genuinely providing children and young people with the education they need to deal with the huge challenges ahead? Are we finding the spark in every child? Have schools become exam factories? What do we want for our children, here and now – and in the future?

In short, what’s the point of education in the 21st century?

Joining us to discuss are this and much more are four education thinkers and doers:

  • Peter Moss, Emeritus Professor of Early Childhood Provision at UCL Institute of Education, University College London
  • Christine Merrick, former Ofsted inspector and ex-headteacher with nearly fifty years’ experience in early years and primary education in the UK and abroad
  • Robin Duckett, founder of the Sightlines Initiative for creative practice in UK early education
  • Madeleine Holt, education campaigner and filmmaker in innovative primary and secondary schools through Schools on Screen.
At the event we’ll explore:
  • The spread of GERM – the Global Education Reform Movement – throughout our system
  • Its symptoms – standardisation, market-led competition, a narrowed curriculum and test-based accountability  
  • The human cost: a burgeoning workload and unhappy staff and students.

It’s time to question what’s driving education: is it the needs of children and young people, or something else entirely?

Register here to join the call – and keep your eyes peeled for our second session on 19th May looking at solutions.

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