Witness Wednesday Welcomes NC Legislature Back to the People’s House

Start: Wednesday, April 24, 202411:00 AM

On Saturday, March 2nd, thousands of North Carolinians marched on Raleigh at the Mass Poor People’s and Low-Wage Workers’ State House Assembly & Moral March on Raleigh and to the Polls demanding the NC General Assembly address the crisis of poverty being the 4th leading cause of death and launched a massive voter education, empowerment and mobilization campaign of poor and low-wage workers in the state leading to the November elections.

The NC General Assembly is coming back to Raleigh for its “short” session on Wednesday April 24th and we will be there to welcome them back to the People’s House. They have the opportunity to address the urgent issues facing poor and low-wage North Carolinians. Join us as faith leaders, advocates and directly impacted leaders converge on Raleigh to demand our lawmakers join us in pushing North Carolina Forward Together and Not One Step Back.

The testimonies of directly impacted leaders from across North Carolina on March 2nd laid bare the hypocrisy of the NC General Assembly’s priorities and devastating 2023 legislative session. Instead of addressing the crises of poverty and low wages, lack of healthcare, underfunded public education, voter suppression, and environmental collapse, extremists leading the NC General Assembly have slashed taxes for the wealthy and corporations, promoted a culture of fear and hate, failed to fully fund public education, and cut protections for the most vulnerable North Carolinians. Politicians from both parties like to brag about North Carolina being ranked the #1 state for business the past two years, but Oxfam’s recent report shows that North Carolina is ranked #52 when it comes to conditions for workers in our state.

The NC General Assembly is doing all of this at a time when poverty is the fourth leading cause of death in this nation, more than gun violence, obesity, homicide, and diabetes, in the richest nation in the world. And to cap off the destructive legislative session, they passed an anti-democratic state budget with massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. And then they made it even harder to vote, while making it easier to get a gun in a state where gun violence is the leading cause of death for children.

It’s time to come to Raleigh and tell the NC General Assembly: Forward Together, Not One Step Back.

We will gather on the south part of the NC State Capitol. The best address to use is 1 E. Morgan Street, Raleigh, NC. Parking information can be found here: https://ncadmin.nc.gov/divisions/state-parking/visitor-parking

For the soul of our democracy, we are coming together to push for a moral revival in North Carolina and the realization of a Third Reconstruction to heal the state and nation.

If you believe in living wages, ending poverty, fully funding public education, universal health care, environmental justice, voting rights, women’s rights, immigrant rights, criminal justice reform, LGBTQ rights, gun control, fair taxes and a North Carolina for all of us then join us on April 24, 2024 in Raleigh.

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